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Saturday, November 05, 2005

More riding

Up Old La Honda, down 84, up Alpine road, down Page Mill. 50 miles, and 1400m of climbing (4593 feet). It was gorgeous, of course.

Thoughts from the ride: it's hard to make friends as you get older. For one thing, everyone's incredibly busy, with kids, with work, or with their existing friends. The days of saying, "Can you come out and play?" and then spending the day hanging out and doing stuff are perhaps one of the luxuries we don't get when we're adults. But when you do get a chance to do so, it's a lot of fun, and really something to treasure.

I thought of us
So hard to talk these days
Did we change
Or were we strangers all along
Tell me what caused us to turn away
--- Wall of Silence, The October Project

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