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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The perils of having a blog

Someone's been spamming folks advertising for jobs at Google in my name, using my e-mail address. This is annoying as heck, and I hope I don't end up on too many spam lists as a result. The perils of having an on-line identity are certainly high now compared to when I first had a web-site back in 1993.

I could certainly take down the blog instead. What do you think?


Scarlet said...

Can't you just not post your e-mail address, or disguise your identity better? Wouldn't help with this particular spammer, but it might help in the future.

Piaw Na said...

Yes I could (and in fact, this blog doesn't show my e-mail address. I have had old time friends contact me through the e-mail address, so it's probably on my ancient web page somewhere. It's both good and bad, I guess.

lahosken said...

d00d, post your public key and promise to cryptographically sign all your emails from now on. That would be so 1337.

Piaw Na said...

When gmail supports PKE, I am so adopting it!