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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tossing out my dress shoes...

After the wedding (ceremony & dinner) I had to attend last night, I tossed my dress shoes into the trash. I will never willingly subject myself to shoes that uncomfortable again. Either I'll buy comfortable dress shoes (do those exist? I'm convinced they don't --- or at least, not without spending gobs and gobs of money that I don't have), or I'll attend all functions in my sneakers/trail runners. If the torture my feet were subject to last night was at all similar to what women put up with with high heels, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a revolution/movement to toss all heels into the trash.


lahosken said...

New Balance (mostly an athletic shoe company) makes some shoes you can wear to formal occasions. I wear them. I also use those shoes for some tourist jaunts, and they're OK for short walks. New Balance has a store in downtown San Francisco, and their stuff might be available at some place near you.

Unknown said...

Yes, you CAN find comfortable dress shoes, and affordable ones, too. Actually, I've often found the cheaper ones to be more comfortable than the pricey, name-brand ones! :P

Go to Marshalls and places like that, rub your fingers around the inside of the entire shoe-edges to catch any sharp or poorly-seamed, and I bet you'll find some comfy shoes.