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Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 1: Coast to Coast

Last evening was gorgeous, but we woke up to rainy weather. (Because of jet lag, we woke up at 5:30am, but had gotten about 8 hours of sleep, so it was good) We took off with a little bit of mist in the air, and then the rain started coming down, but our hiking umbrellas came through and were quite good.

Then the sun came out, and bathed the coast in all its glory. It was so beautiful that it took us nearly 4 hours to hike the first 5 miles, we were stopping to shoot so frequently!

Then we cut across pieces of the English country side that were quite beautiful, except a few boggy fields which slowed us down and dirtied our boots. Way finding was more than a little precarious, especially after I discovered that they'd been quite a bit of tree cutting on Dent Fell, and my coast to coast guidebook was just a couple of years out of date. But we did make it through by dead-reckoning and instinct (when in doubt, go up hill), and then were lucky enough to have locals around to ask directions of.

Dinner was at the Ennerdale View B&B, with its gorgeous views. We're quite footsore, however, and Lisa has already gone to bed. (A first for her, beating me to bed!)

Also, the Tomlin Guest House we stayed in the first night was also excellent --- a great value, and such friendly people! Everyone we've met so far has been very friendly, from the airport information person to the taxi driver who detoured out of an errand he was running for his family to take us to our guest house because otherwise we'd have to wait 20 minutes!

Aside from the footsoreness, the muddy spots and the occasional rain, I'm loving this trip so far.

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md said...

Can we see a photo of the umbrella in use, please??