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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lisa demonstrates use of the Trekking Umbrella

BuddhaMouse asked for this picture, so here it is! Posted by Picasa


md said...

Thanks! Definitely looks like it feels better than a rain jacket. Does it get tiring or annoying having to keep your arm crooked up to hold the umbrella for long periods of time?

Piaw Na said...

The Mont-bell umbrella gave Lisa some upper arm ache her first day of using it all day as a sunshade. We swapped umbrellas the next day and neither of us had any problem. So if ergonomics is an issue, I think the Go-Lite is a better buy. However, the Go-Lite is hard to pack --- I end up strapping it to the exterior of my pack, so it gets subject to abrasion, so I end up with a little hole in it. Not a big deal, but still a concern. While the Mont-bell seems more fragile, because it packs down nicely we keep it inside the packs, where it sees no damage.

Of course, continually using umbrellas as sunshades is the worst thing you can do for them --- the nylon breaks down and eventually becomes so thin that it tears.

On the other hand, if one were lucky enough to get that kind of weather in England, one would consider umbrella destruction the least of one's problems.