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Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick post from Orton

Having left the Lakes district yesterday --- what a change in terrain! From killer views with killer climbs (yes, worse than the local Black Mountain), to gentle but desolate Moors, this walk definitely has provided me with views so splendid that I can barely believe that I'm walking across a completely developed first world country.

The weather has been nothing short of amazing. I hope our luck holds out. We even went sailing on Ullswater, hiring a dinghy sailboat for the lake for 2 hours and having a blast despite this being my first time in 5 years since I did any dinghy sailing.

One thing though --- this is definitely a challenging walk. When I set this up, my attitude was, this is England --- how high can the mountains be? They might not be super high, but the trails are strewn with rocks to prevent erosion and this makes the climbs super super tough, and the descent particularly tough on joints. Plus --- the Lakes district doesn't believe in having any signs anywhere, so the navigational challenge makes things super super tough.

But the people are nice (and they speak English!), and we've met more than our share of friendly friendly people who go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome. England is an expensive country, but so far has been well worth the visit. Now... back to our regular foot soaking...

(Still no wireless, so no picture posting for now...)


md said...

"the trails are strewn with rocks"

What fun! Sounds like CT!

Piaw Na said...

I think you'd love the trip. This trip is convincing me that I'm not tough enough to do something like the Pacific Crest Trail, though!