Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Independent Cycle Touring at Google

For bike to work week, I've agreed to reprise the Independent Cycle Touring in Europe presentation at Google's campus at HQ. It will be held at Serville Tech Talk area on May 9th, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm (bring your boxed lunch, I don't mind you eating while I talk).
Independent Cycle Touring in Europe:
Imagine pedaling through quaint mountain hamlets in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, past fields of wildflowers in Germany’s Black Forest, along the shores of lovely lakes near Salzburg in Austria, or high above the Mediterranean in the French Pyrenees… With its diverse landscapes, vast network of roads and cycle paths, and bike-friendly accommodations, Europe is a fantastic cycling destination. Tonight, independent cyclist and guidebook author Piaw Na will share his expertise on planning bike tours in Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, England, and Scotland. Piaw will cover the nuts and bolts of organizing an independent tour, including route-planning, seasonal considerations, lightweight gear, training, transporting bikes on planes/public transit, navigation tools, accommodations, and more.

The organizer, Anna Walters, is open to allowing outside visitors to attend the talk. If you are not a Google employee, please RSVP to me by the end of the week by leaving a comment on the blog so we can get a headcount, and Anna can see if Google is willing to accommodate that many visitors.

Googlers: I will keep the Q&A period relevant only to the talk, so bring your cycling questions. I worked at Google for many years, and remember teaching the League Road 1 course on campus in building 42 one evening. I was demonstrating how to fix a flat when Wayne Rosing walked by and peaked into the conference room we had commandeered for the session. He smiled, shook his head, and walked on by.

This talk was very well received at REI, so I look forward to giving it at Berkeley, where I launched many many bike tours (as well as supporting wheel building sessions). If you can make it, please come.


  1. (Going by your original post this is probably hopeless, but I only just stumbled across this post today, and it won't hurt to at least try.) Did you by any chance happen to get outside visitors cleared for this talk? I'm planning on biking across the country this summer, so I'm sure your presentation would be particularly useful to me, if it's possible for me to go. I'm not an employee, but I do have a building-40-only contractor's badge -- or more precisely, a non-working badge which I haven't taken the time to get replaced just yet -- if that helps at all. (And as a result of the b40 limitation, I have no idea where the "Serville Tech Talk" area might be.) I'll keep an eye on comments through tomorrow morning just in case this can be wrangled, or you can let me know via jwalden at mit dot edu directly. Thanks in either case, and sorry for not commenting on this sooner...

  2. It should be no problem. I've sent e-mail to Anna and she should be able to get you in.


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