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Thursday, March 10, 2005

My ultralight showed up. I spent a half hour putting it together this
morning. The wheels are out of true (might well have been damaged
during shipping), which I can fix myself if I have to. I think the
headset's a bit loose. The brakes are right rear instead of right
front, which I don't like. I need to get a 12-27 on the rear (instead
of the stock 12-23). So I guess I'm making a trip to Cupertino Bike
Shop this afternoon.

On the other hand, here's what I'm impressed by:

The bike is light! It's really light. I know that 15 pounds is light,
but one has no idea until one lifts it. The fit and finish of the Fuji
is nice. Even though the carbon fork is carbon, when you look at where
the brake shoes are on the brakes, you can see that they are right at
the bottom of the slot, exactly where Grant would put them. The same
goes for the rear. I'm going to mount 25s on the bike, but I think I
even have room for 28s if I was so inclined.

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