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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why I will never be an electrician

I bought a Shimano generator hub, built a wheel around it (Torrelli Master rims, Wheelsmith DB15 spokes, 36 holes). I then bought Lumotec light from John Bayley, cut off the spade connectors, and wired them to the lights. Or rather, I first connected them to the wrong lights! They were wired to the secondary instead of the primary. OK, no problem, I wired them to the primary. The lights worked great on the truing stand, but failed to light when I attached them to the bike. Later investigation showed that if I touched the dynashoe attachment to the truing stand, the light would fail as well, indicating an insulation problem. (Or so I thought)

Well, I tried every insulation trick I could think of: I tried electrical tape, I tried paint, I tried electrical tape and paint. Nothing worked. Actually, paint worked for all of 3 seconds, and then when I tightened down the bolt, it stopped working again. I gave up, and posted onto the Rivendell mailing list that I was selling this because I just couldn't solve the insulation problems.

Alex Wetmore asked me if I had tried swapping the wires. I tried it and indeed, that was the problem all along. That was it! So now I'm happy... All I need to do is to tape up the exposed wires and I'm set!

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