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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A little about you

I turned on Google Analytics on this blog a few weeks ago when it became a publicly available service, and now that it's been running abit, I can share a few titbits with you, my readers, about you, my readers.

Over the course of a week, I get about 341 visitors, totalling about 486 page views. About 95% of you are first time visitors, and 5% of you are prior visitors (which really surprised me --- I would think that most of the visitors would be friends of mine, but maybe friends of mine only read my blog through RSS feeds).

Of the 341 visitors, 183 come from a search (google or otherwise), 133 come from a referral, and 25 directly typed or through an e-mail reader click.

The current top keyword for that hits this blog is "memoirs of a geisha controversy", which surprised the heck out of me! For a while, it was "buffy the chosen collection". This blog has posts that are ranked fairly highly by Google for those queries so I shouldn't be surprised.

9 visitors also found this site by typing "christian" into google. This is really wierd, since I'm not even in the top 100 entries returned by Google. What this suggests to me is that a lot of people search for "christian", and some small percentage of those guys are pretty darn persistent!

7 visitors found this blog via "fuji team sl". I'm one of the top results ranked on Google for this, so it's not too surprising, but for those of you who come here for that, let me assure you that my Fuji Team SL is still serving me fine, and I still love that bike and look forward to many more miles.

Most visitors to this blog (186) come from the U.S. The next category (38 visitors) don't have their geo-location set. Canada and the UK form the next big blocks of users (25 and 16 respectively), and after that we're into the noise with mostly non-English speaking countries.

Not unsurprisingly, 52% of you use Internet Explorer, but a full 36% of visitors use Firefox. I suspect that these numbers don't reflect the overall internet, and users that find my blog tend to be more sophisticated than the average internet user. 84% of you use Windows, 9% Macintosh, and 7% Linux. I wonder how many of that 7% came from internal to Google.

I'm very pleased to see that 32-bit color users comprise a full 80% of my visitors. That means effort put into scanning high resolution photos won't be wasted!

In any case, I'm very happy with the numbers I'm getting from Google analytics, and it'll be interesting to revisit this next year and see how the composition of my visitors have changed. I'm not really interested in this blog as a commercial outlet, but clearly, it seems like my audience will be mostly cyclists, not a bad thing at all!

One slightly disappointing item to me is that my book reviews see almost no traffic. But then again, I know that Larry and Scarlet both read my book reviews, so I will keep writing them.


lahosken said...

One slightly disappointing item to me is that my book reviews see almost no traffic.

May I suggest reviewing books with words like "streaming", "hogtied", and/or "Britney" in the title? Of the book reviews on my blog, the most-visited are those of the new Christopher Alexander books, What's the Matter with Kansas (political), and The Curious Life of Roberte Hooke. The reviews mentioned words near and dear to the hearts of hippies, bleeding heart liberals, and Neal Stephenson fans, respectively.

But the book reviews are not so popular compared to other pages on my site. Of course, all that's going to change after I get around to reading Kate Moss: Model of Imperfection. Especially if I read it while topless and mention that in my blog.

Scarlet said...

I read your book reviews, too! But yeah, I only actually come to your blog if I want to post a comment. Otherwise, I just use the feed.

I don't know that I was the first interviewee to actually do some research, but I was at least one of the rare few. I find it mind-boggling that something that tells you *exactly* how to do the job would go unread by so many people, but there you are.

You'll note, however, that I still didn't get a job offer.