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Monday, July 17, 2006

"Why Conservatives Can't Govern" by Alan Wolfe

"Why Conservatives Can't Govern" by Alan Wolfe: "not much evidence exists in America today that conservatives are prepared to move in such a direction. If anything, they seem to have reinforced and strengthened their determination to govern as incompetently and unfairly as they can. The fact that they will leave behind a public sector in roughly the same condition that strip miners leave hillsides would cause nothing but pain to yesterday's patricians, for whom ideals such as responsibility and soundness were watchwords. But today's conservatives have no problem passing on the costs of their present madness to future generations. Governing well would require them to use the bully-pulpit of office to educate and uplift their base. But since contemporary conservatives get their political energy from angry voices of rage and revenge, they will always blame others for the failures built into their ideology. That is why conservatism so rarely makes for a good governance party. As far as conservatives are concerned, it is always someone else's government, one reason they can be so indifferent to their own mismanagement."

Thanks to David Brin for the pointer.

1 comment:

Diego said...

First off, all I can say about your comments pertaining to Conservatives is you must be an IDIOT. Why you ask? Ronald Reagan my friend did a lot of good, in fact, why is it that in the last 25 years we have had a Conservative in the oval office for 17 of those 25 years? Something must be going right or they would not have this kind of dominance.

2nd is not about leaving behind public sectors...people must be willing to help themselves before the Government can truly do good works.

I know, I disagree with me...but, instead of giving Government support, we need to teach these people how to help the Bible, Jesus made men into Fishermen, not Welfare Receipients.

2nd...Liberals are the ones who want to blame others because it is always someone else's fault...your party is so great, they do not see people as individuals but as members of a group...i.e. White racist bigots, etc...don't believe some of your party's comments.

Plus, you have demonstrated typical Liberalism, you have given information with no facts but based simply on how you "feel" and what you "think".

Are you not tired of being a puppet? Watch something other than CNN and read the Drudge Report a little more that way you distance yourself from the freaking Liberal Media.

I look forward to your comments on my site at