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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Review: Topeak Road Morph v2

The Topeak Road Morph series of pumps have been a mainstay of cycling gear for the last 4 years, replacing the Mt. Zefal HPX series that was my trusty pump before that. When my friend Lea showed up on her fancy new bike, though, I took a look at the pump and said, "Is that a Topeak Pump?" It turned out that she had by sheer timing, managed to buy one of the first copies of the new revision of the Topeak Road Morph pump.

Well, what are the changes, you might ask, that made me enthusiastically run out and buy one as soon as it showed up at my local store (without a discount, even?). The obvious one is that the new barrel is narrower. This means that each stroke pumps less volume, and requires less arm strength, a good thing for many cyclists, even though my brother's been putting me through a weight lifting regiment in the gym over the last year. The second obvious one is that it's about 30 grams lighter. In a world where road cyclists frequently pay a dollar per gram for weight reduction, the upgrade makes sense from a weight standpoint (though truly, the first improvement is in itself dramatic). But the last bit of improvement was non obvious --- there's extra space on the pump handle so you don't mash your fingers when you enthusiastically pump away. This bit of ergonomic improvement was a surprise and much welcome.

Altogether, a worthwhile upgrade. Recommended!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I have an older version of this pump - it's been excellent, although it's finally starting to show a bit of wear. That probably means I should finally get a real floor pump to use most of the time ;-)