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Monday, January 07, 2008

Day 3: 26th December 2007

The morning found us once again at the dive shop getting our gear ready. Unfortunately, I seemed to be doing a good job losing gear --- first, the rubber ring holding the snorkel to the mask, and then also defogger. Fortunately, neither item was expensive. Lisa took some Bonine to prevent further seasickness.

The Bonine seemed to work as the boat to the dive (Cane Bay) didn't seem to affect her at all, and we got through most of the skills tests on the third dive. Unfortunately, while doing the last skill test, Lisa's BCD broke and started leaking, so I once again had to demonstrate the tired diver tow. Fortunately, it turned out to be an easy fix, so we could perform a fourth dive.

Our fourth dive (at Twin Anchors) was fun, because we had already covered so much material that our time with Gary was mostly for exploration. The PADI recreation diving program seemed to be oriented entirely towards recruiting new divers, which I wish the cycling instruction community would adopt.

Our tests were not over, however --- we had to still demonstrate our comfort in the water by swimming and treading water, which we did in the water in the marina by jumping off the boat, treading water for several minutes and swimming to shore. I discovered that despite my perception that diving was not particularly strenuous (the training materials spend a lot of time warning against unnecessary movement and over exertion), it did wear me out quite a bit, and I was tired by the end. We then did the celebratory paperwork to get our certificates, and then immediately scheduled a fun dive for the next day.

I returned to the hotel to find that one of my crew, Przemek Pardyak had business related reasons and had to delay his flight by a day. Since it was pretty much impossible to sync up, I brain stormed a number of possibilities and worked out a few scenarios. Lisa and I then took some time to explore the now fully active, post-holiday town. I walked down to the Seaborne Airlines departure dock and confirmed our flight.

For dinner that night, we found food in a nondescript restaurant where the waiter told us about his job as a commercial hard-hat diver in Seattle. I guess dive junkies not only dive as a job, but on vacation serve as waiters in warm places so they can get their dive fix in. I'm not sure I am that enamored of diving, but since I had gotten my certification, it seemed like I should give it time to see how I liked it.

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