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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wolfrathausen to Holzkirchen

Wolfrathausen to Holzkirchen

The morning looked beautiful, so we caught the 9:55 S-Bahn to Wolfrathausen. With the somewhat strenuous hike the day before, we weren't in any mood to do any challenging rides, but I had plotted out a route from Wolfrathausen to Holzkirchen a while back and wanted to check it out. Of course, I had cleverly left the map at the office, so I had only the GPS, which meant that we got lost very quickly after leaving town. Fortunately, near the Isar, we found a couple that set us straight, and soon thereafter, we passed a pair of women stuck by the road side with a dropped chain that seemed to be resisting their attempts to fix it. I took a look at it, borrowed the stick they were using, and Grant Petersen style reset the chain. It was still jammed, however, so I looked at the front derailleur, tweaked the shifter a bit, and everything fell into place. The two women looked at me like I was a genius, but I was spared from any depredations by my lovely stoker. The two women would play leap frog with the tandem until lunch time.

The road turned beautiful, and I was quite pleased with the plan I had come up with a few weeks ago. We passed rolling hills, climbed shaded hills, and wound around the lovely Bavarian foothills until a series of fast rollers took us into Holzkirchen. There, we had lunch at a cafetaria (Pizza), and did a bit more riding in the area before stopping for ice cream and visiting the local Sunday market (a rarity in Bavaria)

Not bad for 44 miles and 2145 feet of climbing.


md said...

I notice you're using motionbased. I don't have GPS but was thinking of getting it to get more stats on my hikes. Do you like motionbased and have you tried anything else?

Piaw Na said...

I like motion-based, but that's probably because there's no other service out there. It's flakey as a service, but otherwise has everything I want.