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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My signed Krugman book

Way back in December last year, before he won the Nobel prize, Paul Krugman dropped by Google to give a talk:

After the talk, there was a private session with him where some of us got to ask him question, and he was a great person to ask questions of (especially about the upcoming elections, and policy --- I'll admit to out-sourcing my policy research to him whenever I can).

While I was not smart enough to bring a camera so that I could have a picture with him, but I did manage to get my copy of The Conscience of A Liberal signed:

After Krugman won the Nobel, I remembered that I had the autograph and got my brother to scan it for me to share.
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Bernard Lin said...

Thanks for posting the picture! I got my copy signed yesterday just as he was leaving Barnes & Noble. Can you make out what he wrote above his signature?

Piaw Na said...

To Piaw: Keep the faith