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Monday, April 26, 2010

Guide to Startups Visits San Francisco

LOLapps, a startup in San Francisco, has invited me to give a talk there on May 5th. It will be on-site, and the talk will be open to all comers, including non-employees and walk-ins. (I'll post contact info for the talk later) I certainly didn't expect to give a talk at a San Francisco startup before one in Silicon Valley, but "Silicon Valley" has really come to include the greater Bay Area in recent years. The Berkeley area, for instance, has always had a fair number of startups that became successful, including Inktomi, Ingres, Sybase, and Perforce (Perforce was mentioned in my book).

I'm expecting to keep the talk short (30 minutes or less) so as to have time for questions. If you're in the neighborhood and read the book (or haven't read the book, but want to find out more), please show up and ask questions.

The location is:
116 New Montgomery
Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105

The cross street is Mission, and it's 1 block away from Montgomery Street station

I'm down to a little more than a handful of print copies of An Engineer's Guide to Silicon Valley Startups left. I've placed an order for a second printing, but it usually takes a week or so for it to show up. Thanks to all of you for helping make this book a success!

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