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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tandem is boxed

Yes, that's two Amtrak bike boxes (cost: Free) stitched together, a bunch of packing tape, a leatherman, and some allen wrenches. My experience is that while the cardboard boxes look flimsy and feel flimsy, they are so bulky that airline baggage handlers have no choice but to push or hand carry them. Packing bikes into smaller packages invite them to be tossed, which is how damage happens. The cargo hold of an airplane is actually a pretty benign environment: people ship pets in them, so they're even pressurized, hence the old bugaboo about depressuring tires before putting them on an airplane does not apply!
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Joe said...

Enjoy your trip!

PS: The fear of exploding tires on an airplane is a fallacy. One atmosphere is about 15 PSI, so even if the hold was at a vacuum you'd only add another 15 PSI to your effective pressure on the tires.

Your 120 PSI tires will go up to 135, which most can handle just fine. Then again, you're probably riding sensible 28-35 mm tires at 90 PSI, so you'll only go up to 105. :)

Keeping pressure on the tires will also protect your rim from rough handling.

Piaw Na said...

Yes, that's correct. Unfortunately, some airline attendants think they know better, e.g., Lufthansa, and insist on depressuring tires.