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Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Philips Sonicare Healthy White Toothbrush

I had one of the old Essence Sonicare toothbrushes, but the battery was getting old, so when my brother gave me one of the new Healthy White toothbrushes I started using it on this year's Tour of the Alps. To save weight, Phil and I each brought one toothbrush head and just carried the toothbrush handle. I used to run the Extreme 3000 for trips because it used AA batteries, but with the new Garmin units, I had no other reason to bring AA batteries and the new Sonicare, together with the charger weighed less than the e3000 with AA batteries and USB AA charger.

The battery life on the new Sonicare is amazing. Phil and I toured for about 12 days, with each of us using the tooth brush twice a day, and the battery never gave out, well exceeding the 2 week specification. (We'd shipped the charger back to our hotel after the St. Moritz trip) The toothbrush cleans exceedingly well: after my latest dental examination, my dentist decided to put me back onto a 6-month cleaning schedule, as opposed to my previous 4 month cleaning schedule.

The other major change is that the toothbrush head is now a bayonet mount instead of a screw mount. This makes swapping heads faster, and there are no longer any grooves for gunk to build up. Unfortunately, there's also a little space between the bayonet mount and the top of the toothbrush, so water and gunk does get into that space and build up, so I'm not sure this is any better. I do appreciate the newer lighter weight design, as well as the smaller heads (which unfortunately, are also more expensive than the older heads).

All in all, recommended.

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Allan Folz said...

Hello Piaw,

You might want to do some reading on vitamin K2, not to be confused with K1.

Long story short, I was supplementing about 1000 mcg of K2 twice a week (which is quite a lot) and within two or three weeks plaque all but completely stopped forming on my teeth. I use an old Sonicare once a day and my teeth are always as smooth as if I'd just been in for a cleaning. It sounds kooky and I'm always hesitant to suggest kooky things to near strangers, but I experienced such a marked difference that I think it needed sharing. Good luck.

One other quick thing, I bought some rubber boots of Amazon that fit over the screw part of the head. They were a little expensive, but they worked great. Kept all the water/gunk out of the head & handle interfaces.