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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hoisted from one of the Buzz comments

 I have the suspicion Job's deathbed advice to Larry Page was actually his revenge on Google for "stealing" Android. It was terrible advice, partly because Page doesn't have Jobs' taste, and partly because Google's web products are fundamentally different than Apple's consumer products -- Google's products can iterate in real time. As a result, when they work it is because they are much more about experimentation and listening to the user. Lose that, and you've lost Google's magic
 This was in response to the recent series of Google UI rollouts. Google Reader lost information density and all of its useful features. Gmail's losing information density and becoming actually less pleasant to use (we'll see if I end up using IMAP and Thunderbird). And of course, we've all heard about the iPhone Gmail App fiasco. I used to joke that Microsoft's forgotten that the word "upgrade" is supposed to have a positive connotation. It seems like Google (at 30,000 employees) has caught the same disease at approximately the same number of employees.

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Sverre Rabbelier said...

Yes, but unlikely Microsoft, Google can still iterate rapidly. A few days after the complains that Reader is less Readable due to the lack of color an update was rolled out that addresses the problem. Early feedback that Google Docs/GMail was not dense enough resulted in an option to increase the density.

I wouldn't be surprised if a similar option is rolled out for Google Reader soon.