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Friday, February 03, 2012

A Surprising Change in Google+ Engagement

In December, I wrote a piece about how Google+ engagement was surprisingly low, considering how many people followed me on Google+ versus Facebook and Quora.

Well, I went back to look at the month of January and wow, what a change a couple of months have made. Google+ is now right on top of my referrals at 262 visits, versus Facebook at 235. Quora is in 3rd place at 168, followed by linkedin. Of course, Google's organic search trumps everyone at 3000 visitors over the same period.

I have no idea what's caused the change, though there is one clue: new visitors from Google+ comprise a much smaller percentage of the referred volume than they do from Facebook and Quora. What this means is that most of my friends (a lot of Google affiliated people) have migrated over to Google Plus, probably from Google Reader, since Reader no longer has any social features.

I'm not sure what this means in the long haul: I suppose I could duplicate-post my current Delicious Feed onto Google Plus for a bit to see if engagements goes up even further, but my suspicion is that it will have zero impact.

Regardless, it's clear: with engagement going up over the last 2 months, I cannot ignore Google+, even though I would have much preferred Friendfeed to win, for instance.


louisgray said...

You know my social networking history as well as I know yours. FriendFeed was incredible for its time and was a major trendsetter. Unfortunately, it was effectively mothballed. I still use Google Reader every day and +1 where I used to share.

Google+'s time has come. And we should have lunch again, sir. :)

PS - I saw this in Google Reader.

Piaw Na said...

Well, I don't think it ever got that much traction even before getting acquired. It had several chances to take over from Twitter (when Twitter was bouncing up and down like a basketball), but still never stuck.

Feel free to invite me on Google Calendar.