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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Long Term Review: Keen Newport Sandals

After the Great Sandal Hunt of 2012, I did something very brave. I took my Keen Newport H2 to a 3 week trip in Hawaii as my only pair of shoes. No running shoes, no sandals, just these.

They performed admirably. On Volcano National Park, they handled a 6 mile hike over volcanic rocks and other terrain with no problems. Whether on the beach, in the rain forest, driving a car, or hiking tough terrain, these sandals did anything that I could throw at them, and kept going. They got wet, they dried quickly, and they gripped well on any surface, wet or dry. I've worn them to the point that the imprints on the sole are already partially worn away, so I feel qualified to give these a double thumbs up.

In fact, I'm going to consider buy another pair sized a bit larger to wear with thicker socks for winter use. Needless to say these are highly recommended!

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