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Friday, February 08, 2013

Startup Engineering Management visits Wharton School of Business in San Francisco

Did you know that Wharton School of Business had a San Francisco Branch? I didn't, until James Kilpatrick, affiliated with their entrepreneurship program contacted me and asked if I was willing to give a talk to the students in the program. Given the prestige of Wharton, who was I to turn them down?

The talk will happen in Wharton's San Francisco campus on Saturday, March 16th around noon. (Yes, it's a weekend MBA program) The talk will be directed towards MBA students who are mostly not technical. Hence, it will be about "attracting, recruiting, retaining, and keeping engineers happy at a startup." The school of business has about 30 free spaces available for non-MBA students who are interested in Wharton's MBA program to attend, in addition to its current students who may attend the talk.

If you're interested in going to the talk, please send e-mail to James Kilpatrick telling him you want to attend the talk, and he'll send you the details if there's enough room. Those attending the talk from outside will need to stay fora short admissions information session with Director of admissions Katherine Lilygren.

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