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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Review: WingZ

I was a big fan of WingZ for a couple of rides. The service lets you book a trip to the airport, minus the hassle of ride shares like Super Shuttles, which are either expensive, or Uber, which doesn't let you pre-book a trip at all. (Not to mention I could never get Uber to work for me on the smartphone)

Then I got a driver who not only didn't show, but only told me that he wasn't going to show 10 minutes before my flight departed. I'd ended up driving the family to the airport at the last minute and paying a daily rate for a multi-week trip.

Now, since the drivers aren't employees, I don't really blame WingZ, but surprised me was the completely unsympathetic response of the organization, given that I'd documented all the interchange between us and our driver, and the driver's pathetic excuse "Not comfortable driving in the rain."

Contrast this with AirBnB's response to our issue in 2012 of getting charged a cleaning fee that wasn't appropriate. With this kind of attitude, I strongly urge friends and family not to use WingZ, and I don't expect them to be around for the long haul regardless.


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