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Friday, September 02, 2016

Iceland 2016: Reykjavik

We took a quick walk in the morning, but didn't get very far. Then went downtown to visit a couple of museums and see the lake in the middle of town. Bowen wanted to visit the local swimming pool, which turned out to have a cool water slide but Bowen only went on it once.

In the evening, we started packing seriously for the next day's flight, and did laundry, expecting the next day to be fairly hectic.

Our last day in Iceland started with a walk near the Grotta Island Lighthouses. The lighthouses themselves were closed because Arctic Terns were visiting. Those birds fly between the Arctic and Antarctic, all the reason not to disturb them.

Then we went to the airport, where I unloaded everyone, returned the big van, got a small rental car, and then took everyone out to lunch. After lunch, it was time for everyone except me to return home to San Francisco, while I took the small rental car over to pick up my bike box and drive around. We had neglected the area near Hafnir, so I took the time to visit those places.

The lighthouse at Gardar was interesting, as was the bridge between the continental plates which turned out to be near the Blue Lagoon. I then took a swim at the local swimming pool and then slept at a cheap hotel which turned out to be closer to a hostel than a hotel, though with very friendly owners.
On my last morning in Iceland, I woke up at 4:00am, had a quick breakfast, and checked my bike into the flight to Frankfurt. Keeping my fingers crossed, I boarded the plane and hoped that my bicycle would arrive with me on the other side.

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