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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chain replacement

My chain is worn out already on my commute bike. It took one and a half hours to remove the cranks, clean the chainrings, take a part the rear deraileurs and clean the pulleys (extremely yucky --- does anyone know why hair gets into the pulleys?), the front deraileur (the least icky part of the job), and the cogs. And then I went and put my new wheel on it just so I could make sure that I'd built it right (I did). I'll put a couple of commutes on it and then go back to my old wheel.

Mavic MA-3 rims suck. After just 2 rainy seasons of riding the eyelets are already rusted causing the click-click-click sound. (I know it's the wheel because the new wheel does not make the sound) I'm tempted to replace the rim.

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