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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Cheating of America, Charles Lewis

A so-so book about tax evasion. Rather than presenting a coherent case about tax evasion, how it happens, and what legislation went into making it possible, the book is just one series of stories after another about successful tax evasion. Sure, it makes your blood boil, but after the umpteenth story, you feel kinda defeated instead of angry.

Read Perfectly Legal instead, a much better book about the same topic.


jomama said...

How is it possible to cheat a thief?

Piaw Na said...

You're saying that government is a thief? Every dollar a tax evader doesn't pay is a dollar that comes right out of your pocket. That's money used to fund the Iraq war, Advanced Research (you know, the stuff that resulted in the internet), as well as Medicare and the Police. Sure, you won't agree with all that spending, but that's also why you have a vote.