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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guinness Storehouse Review

So I'm in Ireland for a couple of weeks, for work mostly. In between the bouts of bad weather and other whatnots, I've been doing a bit of city touring. Dublin is a fairly interesting city, and one of the highlights of it is that its the birthplace of Guinness.

So as part of the city tour, I wanted to visit the Guinness Storehouse....I guess its best to start from the beginning.

First you have to get there, not terribly difficult, just take the bus or the Tram and you're there soon enough. The second part is mostly the line. Its a bad adage that Queuing is an English artform, but it doesn't make it any less true. I must have stood in line for over an hour in the rain before I could have the pleasure of forking over 14 Euros (about 18 USD) so I can visit the Storehouse.

There's really not much to say about it. You can see the pictures I took of it over here...The whole museum is split up into about 7 levels but only the first 3 has any substance, there's a bit of a video section which is interesting but not very interactive. Its also a self-guided tour but it feels substantially lackluster compared to say, the Heineken Factory...which is not only cheaper, but has a more substantive option.

The end of the tour of course ends with you enjoying a pint of Guinness. You also get a fairly lame souvenir, a keychain with a drop of Guinness embedded in it, so that "you may never go thirsty again"...

I'm not sure if there's anything I can say that will convince anyone who likes beer to not go, but lets just say that you'll probably get everything you want to know about Guinness out from Wikipedia, and that you can get a much cheaper pint of Guinness than 14 euros. The store in the storehouse is free to visit and might not be a terrible idea, but you can probably find everything you want in the city center with no need for a lineup.

Still...its a tourist trap, and as a tourist in Dublin, I felt obligated to go. =)

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Tim said...

I visited the Storehouse on St. Patrick's Day earlier this year, and I had a very different experience. Not only did I not stand in any lines, but there was live music on every floor, from drums and bapipes, African dance, and rock to Irish/Gaelic folk songs in the Gravity Bar. They also served free "tasting" pints of Guiness' products on nearly every floor. I have been telling everyone to go there; perhaps I should amend my recommendation to include "only on St. Patrick's Day". =)