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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In Chur

We explored the Melchtal route that Jobst wrote about, as well as Grosse Scheidegg and the Lauterbrunnen valley. Its been very pretty, but it rained later yesterday, as well as in the afternoon today, slowing our progress. We are now headed into Italy... Tomorrow is a 2 pass day, and the day after that we should be able to get a good start on the Stelvio. If we are lucky, we shall get it over with before it rains again. This is easily the wettest European tour I've been on, but it's also been very very pretty. I am looking forward to exploring places I've never been.


Greg said...

Ouch! Was hoping to find updates of tandeming, gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, and fabulous meals... alas, the best laid plans, and all that.

Glad to see that you're all more-or-less on the road!

Any pictures, Piaw? :)

Piaw Na said...

We've had gorgeous weather (at times), good meals, but no tandeming (mostly because we are all on singles). My brother dropped out of the tour after about 5 days.

But we have climbed Stelvio, Garvia, and many other passes, so it's not been a total loss. It's just that on the road, I can't post except at an internet cafe, and I don't have time to go to one when the weather is good.