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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kindle 3 First Impressions

I wasn't planning to upgrade to the Kindle 3, but someone I helped out earlier this year gifted me the 3G+WiFi version, and it arrived today, just before the lost coast weekend.
From Kindle 3 Unboxing

I'll let others do the full review. Here are the salient points for me:
  • The charging indicator is red/green, but unlike charging indicators designed by other companies that don't have color-blind males on staff (I'm looking at you, Garmin!), the Kindle's charging indicator is distinguishable by me. This is a basic usability thing and I'm always annoyed when companies get it wrong.
  • It's slimmer than before, but not really all that much smaller.
  • Page turns are much faster than the K1. This is a very nice feature.
  • Wow, the screen has improved dramatically! The picture below looks like the text and diagram is written on the plastic, but it actually is the Kindle's display!
  • It's lighter. Significantly lighter. Very nice for cycling and backpacking trips.
  • Global 3G coverage. No more airport bookstores. Enough said.
  • Categories are nice. I could spend weeks categorizing my books.
From Kindle 3 Unboxing

All in all, if you have a K1 and skipped the K2 "upgrade" because of the battery issue and the lack of SD card, I think this is the one to jump to. The increased battery life and storage means that the battery and SD card is no longer something of concern.



tutclub said...

Nice gadget...where can i buy this gadget?

Stephan said...

@tutclub, here's a hint: It is called the AMAZON Kindle.

Rings any bells?

Unknown said...

So which Kindle 3 cover did you get to protect it?

Piaw Na said...

It turns out that my Kindle 1 Waterfield Slip Case fit the K3 as well, so I have no need to buy another cover. I am very tempted to get the lighted cover for at home/heavyweight travel/in-bed reading, however!