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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Second Book

I meant to write about my kickstarter project failure. In some ways, it shouldn't have been a surprise. $3000 is a lot of money to raise for a book about cycle touring, which many might not believe is unique enough. Nevertheless, the project continues apace. If you've contributed to the kickstarter project, I've already posted information on how to get access to the mailing list that provides previews of the book, which has entered what I call, "Content Complete." In other words, all the text is written, and I've already done a preliminary layout. I have a couple more items to write, but after this unless there are glaring holes in the content I don't anticipate adding a lot more material. In many ways, this book has been a blast to write, since I enjoy cycle touring, and tearing through my photo collection looking for appropriate photos to illustrate the book brings back so many memories.

My current plan is to finish up the writing by the middle of next week, take a couple of weeks off, and then come back to grind out the remainder: fixing up typos, proofing, dealing with photo credits and various minutia. The goal is to launch e-book sales by Thanksgiving, with an eye to sourcing printing and production by the end of the year for delivery early next year. Having e-book sales also lets me figure out how the book will be received and lets me plan a print run accordingly. In some ways, the e-book availability is what the software industry would call a "soft-launch".

As for what next. Well, I have a few ideas, but looking at my top two ideas, neither of them would benefit from a kickstarter-like funding option, so if/when I get cracking on them, I'll stay mum about them until such time as I need a group of "beta-readers."

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