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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Fables #16 SuperTeam

Fables is one of the comic books I have on automatic pre-order on Amazon. Rose Red in particular gave me very high hopes for quality story-telling.

Fables #16 sets us up for another story, but then turns ridiculous as we watch Fabletown, now exiled at Haven, trying to protect itself from the near certain attack by The Dark Man. This sounds great, except that the plan that got concocted up was to dress up like superheroes and form a Fables analog to "The X-Men." I'm a super-hero fan, but this was just silly.

Nonetheless, the long story arc got resolved, at least, and the resolution was a natural consequence of several other long-running plotlines, which I found to be quite neat. All in all, it wasn't as much fun as the rest of the series, but at least the plots got tied up nicely, and Willingham clearly understands how to do long range plotting and not just keep writing himself into a corner. Recommended for long-running fans of the series, and if you're not one, you should be.

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