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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: GoGroove Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

My beloved Samsung SBH 500 died earlier this year (from mechanical breakage --- the band connecting the two ear pieces split in half from fatigue and abuse), and I tried to make do using my trusty Sennheiser PX100, but while those headphones work well for walking, they are a disaster in the gym. The cords get caught in gym equipment, and the plug gets pulled out of my Nexus One in my rare vigorous moments and are very annoying.

Samsung no longer makes the SBH500, so I had to find something else. The GoGroove Airband looked study enough to stand up to abuse.

Unfortunately, the device is crap. It stutters, and only works when the phone is held 5 inches or closer to the headphone. That means if the phone is in your pocket it doesn't work. If the phone is in your hand, it will stutter as you swing your hand in normal walking (unless you have short arms).

This is going right back to Amazon.

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