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Monday, July 01, 2013

Negotiation Consultancy Back In Operation

While I was working for Quark Games, I stopped accepting clients for my private services. (There would have been something wrong with working somewhere while negotiating on behalf of engineers) As of last week, however, I am no longer associated with Quark Games, so I am now reopening my service. It's good to be back!


lahosken said...

Congratulations upon your escape!

Unknown said...

I didn't want to say this while you were still at Quark, but now I'll just come out and say it.

Game studios are no different than media industries (movies, books, TV series, etc). It's an industry based on creating a lot of noise and trying to grab as much attention as it can. Media ~= Hollywood. It's a world where pretty faces and loud people >>> smart and quiet data driven engineers.

Now that you're not at Quark, you can focus on working on the latest and greatest projects in a real technology company.