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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 30: Kufstein to Schliersee

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We left Kufstein at 8:30am, ready to leave Austria and return to Germany. I've often wanted to explore more of Austria, and this trip definitely helped satisfy the urge. We took the road out of Kufstein towards Thiersee, which was a suburb of Kufstein up in the hills. The road climbed in the shae rapidly out of Kufstein, but it didn't take long before it began a descent into Theirsee, which was in the sun.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

Thiersee in the morning light was beautiful, so we stopped to eat a snack at the water's edge and admire the view. Heading towards Ursprung pass, we saw mist and steam rising out from the river along the road, lending the morning a misty light that was very pretty. The road was signed on the map as a 12% grade all the way into Germany, but it must have been poor measurement, as we knew what a 12% grade was and there was definitely nothing that steep all the way to the top of Urpsrung pass (832m).
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

The "descent" into Germany was hardly worth that name. Schliersee, for instance is 784m, so there wasn't much descending at all. We kept our cycling caps on since we were still pedaling. We stopped for a quick stop at Bayrischzell, where the German train system ended, but the town did not have much, so we kept going to Schliersee.

I had been to Schliersee often on rides, but had never stopped there. The lake is beautiful, and it's high enough to be relatively cool on what promised to be a hot weekend in Munich. There was a lot of construction in the town itself, and it took a while for us to find the tourist information, which was right at the lake. We did find a bed and breakfast, but once again discovered that the tourist information had given us incorrect prices. The price was still acceptable, however, so we chose not to keep searching.
From Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010

We bought a supermarket lunch and walked down to the lake side to dine in the shade. It being very hot, the spots near the lake were pretty much taken up, but we did find something. There was a group of what looked like high schoolers sunbathing, smoking, and otherwise playing the fool in the area. After lunch and a nap, Lisa wanted to go swim in the local water resort, which had heated pools, a Jacuzzi, and even an enclosed water slide that felt far faster than it should have been.

We spent 90 minutes there, then got out to send messages to Chris, who had offered the use of his apartment in Munich while he was away, and tried to find a place to buy a SIM card to no avail. Dinner was at the local Greek restaurant which I did not enjoy, but tomorrow was a rest day, and we felt like we had earned it.


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