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Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Term Review: Dinotte Tail Light

I originally dismissed the Dinotte Taillight on my single for reasons of not having an appropriate mount. The tandem, however, had a rear rack which I could bungee the light to using the included O-ring, and during this past tour, I had a chance to test it more.

The light failed abysmally. First of all, it took 4 AA batteries which were heavy. Secondly even with the light off it drained the batteries! Ok, not a problem. I disconnected the light whenever it was not in use. When I did turn it on, however, the light would flash once and turn off. I tried single clicking, long presses, double clicking, anything. The best I could coax out of this light was a series of anemic flashes, and even then sometimes it would turn itself home.

I sent the light home with Phil when he went home, and borrowed his Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash instead, which nicely clipped into the pannier's compression straps, worked reliably on AAA batteries, and cost 1/10th as much.

Anybody want to buy a Dinotte Tail Light? Contact me.

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