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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Videos from the Tour

I never shot video on previous tours because I don't like sticking cameras on my helmet: I need to be watching the road, and good video really should have a human behind the camera dedicated to it. This year, Lisa decided to shoot several videos on tour. It takes nerves of steel to shoot video from the back of a tandem doing 30-50mph, so I hope everyone appreciates what it takes.

The first video comes from the ride up Grosse Scheidegg. If you've never ridden in the alps, you don't know how loud cowbells are. They literally echo off the hills and make up the soundtrack of certain climbs:

The second comes from Furka Pass. I'll tell the full story behind this in the write up, but it's not a fast descent, the road being narrow with several technical turns. We suffered a tire blowout, not from overheating rims (they never exceeded 71C), but because the tire was a bad manufacture. We replaced the tire and had no problems for the rest of the trip. This video had to be hosted on Vimeo, because it's too long for YouTube:

Furka Descent on tandem from Piaw Na on Vimeo.

The last cycling video comes from the descent of St. Gotthard pass. This is a fast descent requiring almost no braking. It is spectacular, however, especially for the flying hairpin at the end. Unfortunately, you really have to experience it to see it. I wanted a fast soundtrack for this, so I chose Nakajima's Lie to Me Eternally:


Unknown said...

Loved your pics from Switzerland and the cam shots of your descents. Maybe this will convince my wife to take pics from the back. Your site is on my favorite list.
Dick and Jackie

Piaw Na said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

Les Beales said...

That decent looked amazing