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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tour of the Alps 2010

Cynthia Wong, Kekoa Proudfoot, Phil Sung, Lisa and I just returned from the Tour of the German Speaking Alps. As tours go, the statistics were unusually bad: we got in 945 miles and 88,916 feet of climbing, of which 13,879 came from 4 hikes we did in Switzerland, meaning we got in only 75,037 feet of climb on the bike. We only had 2 flat tires, both of which were caused by a bad tire blowing out on descents. We did lose almost a week to rain, and another 3 days due to a number of us (myself including) getting sick on tour.

Tour of the German Speaking Alps 2010
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Cynthia's Trip Report

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Tour of
the German-Speaking Alps 2010

Phil's Trip Report

Trip Report

For every day where we traveled, I've posted a small trip report (which includes photos), as well as the GPS information (which you can access by clicking on the mini map at the start of each day). For days where there were multiple activities, I've posted both GPS maps.


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