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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Puch, Austria

We took the train with everyone else on Tuesday to luzern and then rode two days through Switzerland to the bodensee. It was as flat a route as I could find given I wanted speed, but flat in Switzerland still means 900m days.

We arrived in roarshach yesterday, found a hotel that served an early breakfast and set off this morning for lindau, Germany where we could access the cheap train system: 32.5 euros got us all the way to Salzburg, where I had wanted to start.

Chris Brown an ex-googler met us at the Munich station where we had a short layover and I got to drop more stuff off. Since we had the bayern ticket he joined us for the train ride to Salzburg as well.

We rode for an hour and found lodging outside the city, at an exceedingly fancy place but needed after a long day and 3 countries.

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