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Monday, January 17, 2005

I loaned my rain bike to a visiting Googler, so I spent Sunday afternoon installing fenders onto my commute bike. It took a couple of hours and a few zip ties and quite a bit of patience, but when done, the bike has fenders that are quiet, which is very nice. I guess I'd always been intimidated before by fenders, but I really should never have been.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Scarlet's Blog

Not a must read blog, but it's well-written, which is something I can't say for every blog on the web.
Backpacking no more

The lonely planet guides have been getting steadily worse over the last few years, and this article explains why. When the owner of the company repudiates the mode of travel the company was founded to serve, it's quite clear that no one there takes the work seriously.

To be honest, I'd never found much use for the lonely planet guides. As a cyclist, their guides focused on towns, rather than the places in between towns, which are by far the more interesting things on a trip.