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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Review: Smallville Season Two

My big criticism of Season One was that it felt very much like the monster of the week. There was relatively little plot continuity, and while the show was mostly good, it would have gotten old really quickly had season two continued along the same vein.

Thankfully, it did not. We start to have a story arc, with Clark quickly finding more about his powers, and his relationship with the women of his life take on a more central role in the show. The writers give Clark's parents more of a role to play, and Mike Rosenberg who plays Lex Luthor steals every scene he is in. The special effects are fantastic, and the show's cinematography is so good that I have to remind myself that this is a TV series and not a very long movie.

My criticisms: the relationships between Clark Kent and the female characters aren't very realistic --- I find it hard to believe that even teenagers can be this dumb. Nevertheless, I understand that if a couple ever becomes happy on TV the ratings will drop, so TV series can never portray happily matched couples.

Overall, a well written show worth watching. I look forward to Season Three.


Talha Masood said...

Are you living in stoneage?

Season 6 premiered...

If you are as big a fan of smallville as me, you should download from here.

Piaw Na said...

Indeed, I am living in the stone age. I don't get cable TV, and don't have Tivo. I don't like buying stuff I'll only watch once, so I'm getting my DVDs from the library (which takes a while since there's a backlog).