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Monday, October 23, 2006

Review of Prima Taste

So I went to Prima Taste on Friday with a friend. We're both from Singy/M'sia.

Food is not very good. Far below par of either Singaporean/Malaysain Restaurant in San Francisco or Layang Layang in Cupertino.

We ordered the following dishes:

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken
Mee Goreng
Roti Canai
Kang Kong Belachan

Nasi Lemak
The Nasi Lemak came on a big plate with about one bowl of rice, the sambal on the side, and the rendang chicken in a bowl. The ikan bilis was spread all around and there was one hard boiled egg sliced also on the plate.

The rice was the best part of this nasi lemak plate as the sambal was very weak on spice and flavor and the rendang chicken not tasting anything like rendang chicken. More like slightly spiced up chicken in a red tasteless sauce.

Mee Goreng
This was passable. It falls far below the standard at Layang Layang though. The flavoring and the spice level was all off and they didn't fry it quite long enough. So rather than a super dry fried noodle dish, it came off as slightly damp, as if all the water used to boil the noodles wasn't quite gone yet. I forgot what the mee goreng came with, but i think it was egg and chicken and some sprouts. Very forgettable.

Roti Canai
This was bad. The roti canai was very rubbery. the curry had the flavor but no spice. We did let the roti go cold a little bit becuase we were eating other stuff, but still, disappointing. No fragrance in the roti or the curry.

Probably the best dish we had. The sauce was just about right, the ingredients was right too (though my friend who's from penang commented that in penang they don't put sprouts on the rojak), with ample amounts of pineapple, cucumbers and chinese donuts, tau pok.

Kang Kong Belachan
This was the worst dish. No belachan at all! they only cooked it with garlic and oil

So in summary, I have to say, avoid Prima Taste with your life! Go to layang layang, or even that place in Milpitas square! Better food! Primataste is cheap though, but its not worth it in my opinion!


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