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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beautiful Aptos Beach

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srini said...

Any suggestions for a first time bike buyer, things to look for/avoid ? Do I just walk into a Performance Bike store & pick up some bike ?. How does a Fuji newest 1.0 for $700 sound for a starter bike(cudn't find anything kinder on the wallet)


Piaw Na said...

Sure thing, Srini: Here's my advice written years back:

Spinning Up

If you know nothing about bicycles, the best place to go in the Bay Area is Terry Shaw's shop. I've sent about a dozen Googlers there, and they've been satisfied (and Googlers are a hard to please bunch!).

If you want easy on the wallet, the best bet is to buy the latest $400 special from Bikes Direct and then take it to Terry Shaw and ask for a fitting. Expect lots of sarcastic comments.

I don't like the Fuji Newest series of bikes. The geometry doesn't feel right to me. The low end Bianchis are a better bet, but as always, Terry Shaw will know better.

srini said...

Thanks Piaw, does joining any biking club/google provide any discounts for Terry's store. Also a rough mapping from height to bike size is good enough right.

Thanks Again,

Piaw Na said...

Yes. Joining either the Western Wheelers or the Almaden Cycle Touring Club should net you a 10% discount, though I would call Terry and make sure of that.

A rough mapping from height to bike size may be found on at Rivendell's Frame Size guide. Grant (who owns Rivendell) is probably the second best bike fitter I know. Note that Grant likes to size bikes too big for my tastes, but it'll be just right for beginners.