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Friday, March 09, 2007

The high prices of plane tickets...

This year seems to be exceedingly expensive for plane travel. 3 years ago when I bought plane tickets for Zurich, I found tickets for $650 each. Last year, for the Coast to Coast, we only found tickets for $775 each. This year, tickets to Zurich are going for about $1050 each, though a few weeks ago we found some for $950 or so. Record high oil prices are definitely partly to blame, but I also think that the airlines seem to have wised up a bit and not released discount fairs so early (last October's prices were still insanely high, while October 2004 had very nice prices for June 2005). It might be that in the future, last minute tickets will end up being much cheaper than pre-booked tickets. We'll have to track prices a bit more to see.


md said...

Well I have to agree. The ticket that I just bought in December for a flight from JFK to Geneva cost me $610.

Compare that to the ticket that I bought three years ago: $425. Almost a 50% increase. Oh well, I'm used to ticket prices fluctuating wildly over time.

Frilo said...

Here in Germany we have a great discussion about, whether taxes on kerosene should be raised in order to make the prices for kerosene more expensive and, to reduce flying in favor of the conservation of the environment further. It is also propagated very much to pay a voluntary environment-depositing additionally to the air fare. I therefore suspect that the air fares become at least even more expensive. Also about the price, that many industries will suffer from it.
Greeting, Frilo (Branchen)