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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Follow up: More Dinotte Nastiness

In April, I wrote a review of the Dinotte Tail-light, pointing out the weaknesses of the product, mostly the mounting options, which works if you're a night racer or luggage-less rider, but not if you're a user of Carradice-type saddlebags, the best solution for randoneuring or light touring today.

That article must have touched a nerve, since I received e-mail today from Dinotte asking me if I would retract my negative article if they sent me one of their new seat post mounts. Ethical issues aside, a look at the new mount would show you that it negates none of the weaknesses I had pointed to in the earlier article.

As a follow-up, I ditched my Dinotte light recently and went back to my ancient Vista-lite, a 10 year-old design that while not providing as much light, provide enough for others to see me, can be mounted on my seat stays, and is extremely pleasant to use. I will very likely sell my Dinotte light to someone who doesn't use saddelbags, or to a night racer.

I hope Cat-eye will start using higher powered LEDs in their lights. Their line of lights already feature superior mechanical linkage to the Dinottes, and it would not displease me to see a line of products clearly designed with thought for the utility cyclist beat out a line of products designed for night racers.

1 comment:

Mitch said...

Dinotte does seem oriented toward the racer/mountain biker crowd. I once wrote and asked about the possibility of a generator light, and the thought was dismissed out of hand (tough sell, less light output, etc).

That said, I do like their commuter helmet light (forgot the model number -- their whole product line has confusing terminology) as a supplement to my SON-powered lighting system. In particular, the flashing mode is excellent for catching motorists' attention during the day, and the beam is surprisingly strong for nightime use. The tail light portion of that light is lame, at least in daylight. My next rear blinky (should be arriving any day) is the CatEye something or other 1000. Supposed to be bright enough for daylight use.

PS: Their email offer to you is a bit disconcerting.