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Sunday, October 14, 2007

1:57:26 for 13.1 miles

Wow. Its been one year since I started on this journey of "lets see how many events I can do in a year" spree, and this is pretty much the last event I wanted to do. It started from last year's Rock n Roll San Jose and ended with this year's Rock n Roll San Jose. In between, I did a full marathon, a Europe bike trip, and was supposed to do a tri, but got sick the weekend of, so I skipped that.

But still, 3 events, and 1 long bike ride later, I can say I'm quite satisfied with my physical achievements this year. I believe I ran a slightly faster time last year, but this time I had a running partner, and that made a huge difference in the amount of fun I had.

This year's event was quite packed, and it'll be interesting to see exactly how many registered runners there are...I estimate around 12,000, but could be slightly more.

We started with the 2:00 pace group, who did not start at a 2:00 pace, I believe they were going at a closer to 1:50 pace, but around mile 6 or so, they slowed down while we sped up. Had a gel at the mile 6 water station and felt buzzed enough that mile 7 through 10 felt like a breeze. Mile 10 through 13 was a bit more painful and I started to feel a slight pain in my left feet while my partner's calves were starting to lock up a little.

In the end, we finished within 20 seconds of one another! And for her very first 1/2 marathon its an incredible achivement! Props to her!

Next up....I don't know whats next up, but I plan to keep on running 1/2s for a while to come.....Fulls, not so much. They're not as fun, and although more than twice the achivement, I think I might just be satisified with running a single full in this lifetime. =)

Until I convince myself otherwise of course. =)

The contrast between this year and last years is mostly in the matter of training. Last year I overtrained, and this year, I trained just right. Last year at the end, I felt like I could run another 6 miles, this year, around mile 13, I was very glad I only had one tenth of a mile to go...

I'm not sure if its a great thing or not, but I'm very very happy I finished under 2:00 still....

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