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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Munich: Impressions

A lot of people have asked me: How do you like Munich? I would say, I like Munich just fine, but of course, I've been working here the last few weeks and haven't actually gone to any museums or any of the things that people do when they visit a city for tourism. Well, today I woke up to an overcast, somewhat windy day. I had mapped out another route to explore down in the Holzkirchen area, but on looking out the window decided that I would be better off doing a local ride. I hadn't yet found a satisfactory route from my new apartment (which I still can't take possession of), so i decided to try it again.

This time, I found the route just fine (3rd time lucky!). The East side of the river has a nice continuous paved bike path for about 6 km or so, and then you get onto a bridge to switch sides onto an unpaved bike path. There's cobblestones to ride over and then finally for the last 1km or so there's pavement that leads back to Pullach. The distance was about 15.1km --- call it 10 miles or so, and the view from the bike route (which you can see above) is quite pretty. It took me 43 minutes or so to go from there to the office. Come to think about it, if all this really happens, this will be the best commute I'll ever have had --- it's flat, but the variety of surfaces and the turns are quite fun, and you can keep a good speed up with no traffic lights on the bike path. The last bit into city center proper is less than a mile, and a good way to cool down.
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