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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stitching Software

When people ask me how Phil managed to produce this (click through, select download for the full effect):
From Rosenlaui

I pointed them at Hugin.

It took Phil quite a bit of work to produce these, but now there's a really easy way for anyone to produce stitched pictures. Microsoft research has produced a free tool that allows you to simply drag and drop a series of pictures into the composite editor and let it figure out all the pinning, which pictures are in or out of the composite, and all that jazz. Best of all, it runs even on my 3 year old Mac Mini (though you want at least 2GB of RAM). It does suck up all the CPU but the machine is still pretty responsive. I played with it for about 2 hours and here are the results:

If Microsoft keeps producing software like this, everyone else in the industry should get very very scared. What annoys me is that neither Picasa nor Lightroom has this integrated into their workflow, and it should be. Click-select-stitch! In any case, this is a great tool, and is yet another reason why my Mac Mini runs XP.


Unknown said...

there's all kinds of cool SW out there, offered free for now. Another photo one is which is essentially an intelligent averager; take multiple pics of the same scene and it removes elements that differ which lets you "erase" things like cars and tourists

Piaw Na said...

I definitely dislike on-line tools such as snapmania. These tools are good for toy pictures (1-5MB). When faced with multiple 25MB RAW images coming out of the Canon 5D Mk II, they die a horrible death because there's not enough bandwidth in the world to do these things. I have a powerful desktop, and I'm manipulating multi-gigabytes worth of data. Even if you're google and have billions worth of capital investment in your machines, I still don't have enough bandwidth to send you all the data I need to manipulate and that modern cameras spit out as a matter of course.