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Sunday, June 14, 2009

New England 2000 Bike Trip

New England 2000

In September 2000, I flew to Manchester, New Hampshire, photographed Scarlet's wedding, and then rode my bike to Portland Maine, where Patti had rented a car to drive up to Acadia National Park for another wedding.

I met Patti Ordonez on one of my many pigeon point trips, and she impressed me with her sense of adventure, backpacking through South America by herself, so I invited her on this trip. On the day of Scarlet's wedding, when I was done shooting the wedding, she hadn't shown up by the appointed time, so I assumed that she had had a change of heart. I packed off onto my bike and rode off to a campground 30 miles away. It turned out that her plane was late and she caught up to me by evening.

Patti turned out to be a great traveling companion. We'd find a campground that rented canoes, and she'd turn out to know how to manage one. She would find us a B&B on my birthday! As someone who'd usually camped out on bike trips before, that was a luxury. I was sad when she had to leave after attending her friends' wedding.

Soon enough though, I met cycling author Marty Basch, who was not only generous with his time (we shared a campground together), but also offered me his home as a place to stay on my way back to Maine. I took him up to the offer, especially since the weather had suddenly turned cold!

Patti is now getting a PhD at the University of Maryland.

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