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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pre-Japan Shakedown Cruise

I normally manage to ride my bike in touring configuration for 2 weeks before a tour, but between the house move, my touring wheel being out on loan, and random other things, I just didn't get it together until today. Since I now have to carry a CPAP machine, I can no longer rely on the Nelson Longflap I've had over the years, and ended up with a Camper Longflap, which is a huge bag!

Yana and Mark joined me on their unloaded bikes, and we proceeded to take local roads to Piece. On Pierce, I felt the rear wheel rubbing, and at a local crest discovered that my rear tire was getting ready to blow. I quickly deflated the tire, reseated it, and then pumped it up again. At the top of Skyline, Mark observed that my rear wheel was out of true. I checked it out, and indeed, it looked pretty bad, but not enough to justify abandoning the ride --- we intended to drop by the Cupertino Bike Shop on the way home anyway!

The day was really warm, and by the time we got to Los Gatos, it was 1:15pm. We ate Pizza at the local place, then rode up to Cupertino, where one block before the shop, Yana snapped her deraileur cable! Luckily, we were right at the bike shop, so I borrowed the truing stand from the shop, and proceeded to tension up the wheel, adding a full turn on the right and a half turn on the left side. The only reason I stopped was because the nipples started binding --- I'd have to wipe dirt off, add oil, and then try to turn the nipples. Ah well. Nothing lasts forever, I guess. I think it'll survive the Japan tour.

Mark replaced Yana's brake cable, I bought some spare spokes, and we both bought rim tape, and now we're all ready for the tour!
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