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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lake Shikotsu "Lapland" to Chitose Airport

We woke up in the morning to a fine clear day. I looked around outside, and then came back in to explore the little cabin. That was when I noticed a little guide selling for 400 Yen. It contained listings, phone numbers, web pages, e-mail addresses and directions for every quirky B&B in Hokkaido, including both "Lapland" and "Drum-Kan". Leafing through the pages, I saw themed B&B's like the India-themed one, and various athletic themed ones as well. They were all very reasonably priced at 5000 yen/person/night with 2 meals. If only I had noticed something like this at the start of the trip! Well, you learn something every day.

The breakfast was beautifully laid out and had lots of toast,
From Hokkaido
so by the time we left (at a very tardy 9:00am), we were extremely well-fed.

The ride to the airport started with an easy 6% climb that was over in 5 minutes and then we got to the bike path and rode down the bike path easily. The entire day was spent climbing yesterday, and the bike path this time was smooth sailing. It was so straight that Mark and Yana spent time shooting videos and taking pictures. What a ride! When we finally go off the bike path, we discovered that indeed, the path we had ignored yesterday was indeed the correct entry-way to the bike path. It was indeed a very pretty bike path, and I enjoyed the part that was separated from the road.

We got into Chitose at 10:30am, and followed the directions to Highway 36. It was only 3km before we saw the familiar fences that we climbed over last time, but this time we eschewed the fence-hop in favor of carrying our bikes up a pedestrian bridge, coming down the other side, and riding up and down 2 ramps to get to the entrance to the airport. Once onto the airport thoroughfare, we had no problem renegotiating the airport tunnel, finding the entrance to the departure lobby, and riding up to the curb and getting our bikes inside.

Our bike trip was over.

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